Our Practitionners

Sundip Balraj Singh Aujla - Osteopath (M.Ost)

Sundip is a registered Osteopath and director of BODY - a clinic specialising in pain management, Osteopathy and Clinical Pilates.


He specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and management of muscular & skeletal injuries and post-operative rehabilitation, using a gentle, effective and long-lasting approach to treatment. He is also currently studying at a Masters Level in the fields of Psychotherapy & Clinical Hypnotherapy.


He has 10 years of clinical experience of treating a diverse range of patients such as city office workers with postural-dysfunctions, expectant mothers, professional ballet & contemporary dancers, artists and musicians from across the world.


His particular interest is in forming a highly personable relationship with every patient and helping to relieve pain arising from a broad variety of issues, such as dysfunctional posture, injury rehabilitation, chronic pain and pregnancy. His current scope of practice combines Osteopathic care with clinical Pilates and psychological support to provide 360-degree care for every client. He is dedicated to helping you gain an in-depth understanding of your body whilst providing advanced solutions for synchronising body and mind.


Aside from working as a clinician, Sundip also teaches workshops on posture, nutrition, pain psychology, movement and health maintenance to the wider public and advanced level courses in Anatomy & Physiology to Pilates teachers.


Rebecca Evans - Pilates Teacher
Originally from the States, Rebecca began training in her teens with a contemporary ballet company whilst struggling with scoliosis and asymmetry in the body. It was Pilates that allowed her to develop and maintain essential core strength and alignment, and after moving to London to train in contemporary dance at the Laban Centre in 2004 (and throughout her professional career since), Rebecca has continued her Pilates training and practice.

Rebecca undertook her Pilates teacher training with Nikki Chrysostomou at Balanced Body University. She carries her passion and knowledge for helping people move in alignment with strength and fluidity into her Pilates teaching, and takes great pleasure working with her students to develop technique and body awareness that can support them in every aspect of their lives and activities.